ARTICLE I                                                                                                                            NAME



The name of this association is the Appalachian African Community.



ARTICLE II                                                                                                                    PURPOSE



The purpose of the African Appalachian African Community is to unite Africans, the international community as well as the Boone community in the awareness, celebration, and understanding of the African culture.



ARTICLE III                                                                                                            OBJECTIVES


Sec. 3.1            To unite and integrate Africans at Appalachian State University.


Sec. 3.2            To unite the international and Boone community.


Sec. 3.3            To promote and preserve cultural heritage of the African people


Sec. 3.4            To welcome and assist incoming African students and          

                         staff/faculty to ASU.


Sec. 3.5            To encourage the spirit of multiculturalism by celebrating the

                         cultures of Africa and Africans, promoting and portraying a

                         positive image of Africa and African people through education.


Sec. 3.6            To serve as a clearinghouse for information and experience,         

                         which may promote a better understanding of Africa.


ARTICLE IV                                                                                          EXECUTIVE COUNCIL

Sec. 4.1
           Duties of the President shall be:

      To convene meetings of the Executive Committee

      To preside over Club meetings

      Must be in attendance of all required official campus club functions

      To officiate elections for an interim office to the Executive Committee in case of vacancy due to resignation or inability of an office to complete a term of office

      In charge of working with advisor for any possible disciplinary actions

      To provide one of the two signatures of the Appalachian African Community checks.


Sec. 4.2           Duties of the Vice-President shall be:

      Vice-President should assume the role of the President if the President resigns or is not present at any club function or meetings

      To ensure Transition Guides are created for all leadership positions and give to future leadership, and are maintained and archived

      Together with the President is in charge of all club logistics/paperwork


Sec. 4.3           Duties of the Secretary shall be:

      Secretary should assume the role of Acting President whenever the offices of the President and Vice-President are vacant due to resignation or are not present at club functions or meetings

      To keep records of all proceedings during Executive and General meetings

      To Email/Mail/Post the minutes of the meetings to members of the club

      Assist Executive Council in preparation of official documents, and agendas

      Keep attendance records at meetings and club functions


Sec. 4.4           Duties of the Treasurer shall be:

      To keep record of all financial transactions of the Association and make all duly authorized  payments

      To propose a budget at beginning of each semester with known available funds, to be agreed upon by the club

      To put together a final budget of actual costs at the end of each semester and present to the Club

      To provide one of the two signatures of the Appalachian African Communitys checks


Sec. 4.5            Duties of the Outreach Committee Head shall be:

      To organize educational discussions and lectures regarding the African continent.

      In charge of putting together African film festival(s) during the semester.

      Must manage and co-ordinate the Appalachian African Community International Coffee Hour, once a date has been assigned to the club.


Sec. 4.6           Duties of the Social Committee Head shall be:

      To plan, organize, and promote volunteer opportunities and community service events for the Appalachian African Community.

      To organizing social events and activities for the club.

      To facilitate group discussion of African issues through the compilation of Africa-related news articles and presentations on home countries to be given at the beginning of club meetings.

      To compile and maintain a birthday list of all the members, and to announce upcoming birthdays at club meetings.

      To compile and maintain an Independence Day list of all African countries, and to announce upcoming Independence Days at club meetings.


Sec. 4.7           Duties of the Public Relations Head shall be:

      In charge of networking for the club.

      To keep in touch with various clubs and organizations on campus.

      To contact African families in Boone, NC and update them on current events.

       In charge of advertising the clubs interests and activities around campus.


ARTICLE V                                                                                                                    ADVISOR

Sec. 5.1           An advisor shall be appointed every year by the Executive Committee with the approval of the rest of the club.

Sec. 5.2           An advisor shall be a member of the Appalachian State University faculty/staff

Sec. 5.3           The advisor shall be a signed member of the club, willing to actively participate.


ARTICLE VI                                                                                                                 REMOVAL

Sec. 6.1           An officer of the Executive Committee shall be removed when he/she does not meet the Appalachian African Communitys requirements for eligibility.

Sec. 6.2           Any member of the Appalachian African Community can submit a motion of removal of an officer to the Executive Committee documented with reasons in writing. The Executive Committee will submit the motion to the rest of the club. If necessary, the officer shall be removed by a 2/3 majority vote.


ARTICLE VII                                                                                                                 BY-LAWS

Sec. 7.1           The Club shall have the power to establish by-laws by a 2/3-majority vote of the members


ARTICLE VIII                                                                                                   ORGANIZATION

Sec. 8.1           The General Assembly shall consist of all club full members

Sec. 8.2           Duties of the General Assembly shall be:

      The General Assembly shall convene every week unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee. The General Assembly shall elect the Executive Committee.

      A quorum to hold meetings shall consist of a simple majority vote of the members present when the meeting is called to order.

      Regular meetings shall be open to all categories of membership and to visitors.

Sec. 8.3           The Executive Committee:

      Shall be the administrative body of the Association.

      Only a full member may serve on a committee.

      The club has the right to create and dissolve other committees as the Executive Committee sees fit.


Sec. 8.4           Duties of the Executive Committee shall be:

      To promote and implement the purposes of the Association.

      To uphold the constitution at all times.

      To implement the resolutions of the General Assembly.

      To seek sources of revenue and other resources.


ARTICLE VIIII                                                                                 MEETINGS AND VOTING

Sec.  9.1          Appalachian African Community will have an official meeting once a week. In addition, at least one activity will be performed each month outside of the official meeting.

Sec. 9.2           The voting process includes nominations, speeches, and election.

Sec. 9.3           Each officer will remain in the position for the entire year under the normal circumstances.

Sec. 9.4           If an officer cannot fulfill his/her duties, another member will replace him/her with a 2/3 majority vote.


ARTICLE X                                                                                                         RATIFICATION

Sec. 10.1         This constitution shall be ratified by a 2/3 majority vote of the General Assembly with voting privileges.

Sec. 10.2         This constitution shall become effective immediately upon ratification and dated thereupon.

Sec. 10.3         The ratified constitution shall be submitted to the director of student activities for approval.



ARTICLE XI                                                                     AMENDMENTS AND AUTHORITY

Sec. 11.1         New amendments may be passed with 2/3 votes of all members

Sec. 11.2         Appalachian African Community is subject to the policies and procedures of Appalachian State University and any governing body.